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本公司产品已通过Oeko-Tex Standard 100认证

  The jinyi Textured Yarn Co.,Ltd is an enterprise of Chinese mainland and Taiwan joint venture with production area covering more than 100000 square meters and its production capacity achieves 800 tons per month.
   The main products of the company:
   1.Nylon series: Color and original white with specifications of70D/1、70D/2、100D/1、100D/2、40D/1、40D/2、50D/1、50D/2.etc.
   2.Covering yarn Series: Dupont Lycra;transparent covering yarn; various color-dyed and original white nylon,terylene and covering yarn with specifications of 1570、1870、2030、2040、2070、2075、3070、4070、4075,etc.
   3.Terylene series:Various color-dyed with specifications of 75D、150D、300D


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Pull( covering yarn)
The color silk of Polyester
DTY The elasticity silk of Nylon
POY Nylon silk
POY product equipment


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