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To invite applications for jobs

Because of production capacity increase, we urgently invite applications for following jobs:

1.      post, number and sex:

a.         Mechanism and electricity mechanic, 2, male.

b.        Boiler worker, 1, male.

c.          Customs declaring clerk, 1, female.

d.        Office clerk, 1, female.

e.         Order following office clerk, 1, female. 

f.           Storehouse clerk, 1, male or female.

g.         Dyeing technician, 3, male.

h.         Test technician, 2, male or female.

i.           Network engineer, 1, male or female.

2.      Our demands:

a.         Record of formal schooling: graduated from technical secondary school or senior high school or up(junior college or up for the items 8 and 9 )

b.        Experience: 2 years or more than related work experience.

c.         Longevity: related qualification certificate for the items 1 to 3.

d.        Treatment: decided face to face

【I’d like to accept invitation】
The rule of Gaoyao Jinyi Fibre Co., Ltd

1.      invited persons’ number unlimited

2.      invitation conditions:

a.       18 to 30 years old

b.      Graduated from junior high school or up

c.       Regular features, in good condition, normal sight, smooth ten fingers without defect. More than 155cm stature for female, more than 160cm stature for male.

d.      Better sense of duty, having spirit to cooperate and bear hardship.

e.       No bad record or bad habits, especially smoking.

f.        Having identity card, marriage and child-bearing certificate for floating population, graduation certificate.

g.       Two pieces of one-inch colour photo without hat

We provide with meals and residence without charge, our hostel with good conditions.

Address: Jindu Industrial area, Gaoyao, Guandong.

Contact persons: Miss Tang, Miss Zhou

Tel.: 0758-8513196  8513186


【I’d like to accept invitation】
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Contact Person:Mr chen MS Tang Ms Qu
      Tel:0758-8513188 8513196
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