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Company's main products

Zhaoqing Gaoyao Jinyi Fiber Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture with an area of 80,000 square meters and a monthly production capacity of 600 tons.
1、Nylon colour yarn and white yarn series :70D/1、70D/2、100D/1、100D/2、40D/1、40D/2、50D/1、50D/2   Colored and white high elastic nylon yarn such as 30D/1. 70/1GT nylon.
2、Rack series: transparent Rack, 1570, 1870, 2030, 2040, 2070, 2075, 3070, 4070, 4075 and other specifications of nylon, polyester and other colored, natural color Rack.
3、Polyester series: 75D/1, 100D/1, 150D/1, 75D/2 and other colored polyester yarns.
4、Lycra Series:2075, 3075, 4075, T403, etc.
5、Ultrafine nylon series:70DTEX/68F  40DTEX/34F×2 70DTEX/68F×2Various specifications series of superfine nylon


Advantages of the company

A:Textile, dyeing and dyeing factory, from spinning to dyeing one-stop service, is the only domestic textile and dyeing factory, is currently the largest nylon yarn dyeing plant or nylon yarn. Moreover, the long-term stability of batch number is not likely to change, and the quality is stable.
B:Typically 24-mdash, 48 hours, 3 days or so, 5-mdash, 7 days delivery. 80% of the colours on our color cards are in stock. There are many cylinders to run, and the number of cylinders to run and make up is very fast (all cylinders below 30KG are for customers).
C:Response speed is fast, management process is standardized, time is quantified, each detail is specific to the responsible person.
 ERP computer bar code management, when the customer knows the order situation, we can inform the customer order status within one minute; after negotiating the customer loan period with the manager of the documentary department, the customer confirms that any department in the workshop must carry out orderly production according to the order navigation. Ensure accurate delivery of goods and maximize efficiency.
D:Good dyeing fastness: It can meet the fastness requirements of different customers and different standards. Especially the fastness to sunshine, color fastness after high temperature setting, and the test with Japanese big pill method reached grade 5 standard. The water washing fastness is good, and it can meet the requirements of European water washing fastness for many times.
E、Environmental protection: The product meets OEKO environmental protection standards and has OEKO environmental protection certificate; the product meets the requirements of the CPSIA Act of the United States; and the product meets the restrictions of harmful substances in the ROHS Directive of the European Union.